Radar satellites in agriculture - Tomato

AgroInsider using optical and radar European Space Agency (ESA) satellites, as well as proprietary algorithms analysis, is producing an agricultural revolution on parcels remote inspection.

The large agricultural expertise, combined with global monitoring tools, allow AgroInsider to develop specific analysis for each plot and quickly identify different types of problems and solutions, which from an economic point of view have a significant impact on agricultural activity.

The radar satellites have an interesting potential in the study and diagnosis of many agricultural processes and can audit agricultural parcels on aspects related to soil texture, soil infiltration, biomass, production forecast, etc.

In Fig. 1 and for several industry tomato plots one can see the SENTINEL 1A polarization VV values. The satellite signals, presented on Fig. 1, are relatively variable within and between plots, indicating at the same time a highly spatial variability on existing tomato biomass volumes. Areas with more yellowish shades identifies tomato plants with a higher vegetation volume if one compares it with the bluer areas. In tomato crops higher vegetation volumes are normally associated with higher productive plants and thus opens the possibility of managing yield potential and differential management of inputs (nutrients, water, etc.).

The AgroInsider consultancy service package, depending on the crop and their respective cost structure, has a very competitive cost value, between 0.5% and 1.0% of annual crop operating costs. Consult us because we can make the difference in the success of your business.

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