Vineyard harvest segmentation

AgroInsider using optical and radar European Space Agency (ESA) satellites, as well as proprietary algorithms analysis, is producing an agricultural revolution on parcels remote inspection.

The large agricultural expertise, combined with global monitoring tools, allow AgroInsider to develop specific analysis for each plot and quickly identify different types of problems and solutions, which from an economic point of view have a significant impact on agricultural activity.

In the specific examples presented on Figure 1 it’s possible to realize the importance of the segmentation methodology in the final segmentation result. If the vineyard is analyzed as a whole (Fig. 1a) one have to be aware of the fact that this analysis can mix different vineyard properties such as different vineyard varieties, different vineyard ages, etc. The correct segmentation procedure should separate the vineyard on different organizational classes, otherwise the results interpretation can be biased.

Each variety, should be treated separately [Figs. 1b (Aragonez variety) and 1c (Trincadeira variety)] or inside of the same variety different vine ages should be also considered separately [Figs. 1b (parcels with the same variety and with different ages) and 1d (parcels with the same variety and with the same age)]. Plot segmentation is also possible (Fig. 1e) and the result will identify spatial existing differences within the plot.

In short, the vineyard harvest segmentation should consider the organizational characteristics of the vineyard (variety, age, etc.) and not the vineyard as a hole in order to achieve segments with comparable grapes quality. Besides the harvest segmentation the results can also be used for differential management (nutrition, irrigation, sampling, etc.).

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